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R&D Project
Hive + Ebee

Caffeine Tracker App (iPhone & Apple Watch)
Team Leader, Art Direction, Design, UX & UI

This internal R&D project was meant to experiment with non client related work and to allow people to work outside of their professional disciplines.
As team leader, it was my job to set the goals of the project and to choose the route that would achieve the best results whilst managing the day-to-day running of the project.

The App had two goals, firstly to identify what is the healthy amount of caffeine for you to consume daily; based on sex, age, weight and your personal health status. The second was to inform the user of how much caffeine was contained in soft drinks, tea and coffee (these levels can vary wildly according to the brand selected). The App was downloaded by the whole company and proved to be very successful in helping people achieve a healthy caffeine lifestyle.


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