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E Design Studio / UMWW

H&M Conscious Immersive Environment / Oxford Street HQ store (pitch)
Art Direction, Design UX & UI

To reinforce the H&M Conscious campaign we felt that people should be motivated to go further than donating their clothes to a worthy cause. We felt that they should be given the opportunity to make a personal, conscious social statement; and to project that statement to their own social community and beyond. In gratitude for doing so, they get something back that embodies the H&M Conscious message; which will also continue to spread awareness of the campaign as a whole.

1. Make the donation – Once the person has donated their clothes in the recycling bins they have the option of walking away feeling good about themselves or they could be prompted to go one step further.

2. Spread the message – If they tweet using the hastag #H&MCouscious (the tweet can have a set template) about what they have just done, they will receive a thank you tweet from H&M rewarding them with a free customised recycled t-shirt as a thank you for making a statement.

3. Be appreciated – The free recycled t-shirt will be customised from a palette of design elements or complete designs. Special signature designs created by brand ambassadors and other famous people could be an important draw and create free press for the campaign. Each t-shirt will carry the message ‘This is my #H&MConscious’, within the design area itself.


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